Alpha Online

Alpha Online is a series of group conversations that explore life, spirituality, and faith through a Christian lens. We create a non-judgemental and open environment where it’s easy for anyone who is atheist, skeptic, or just curious about faith to explore questions of life with new friends.  If you are interested please email Lisa at

Even if you just want to talk and plan a strategy, email me and we can talk about it. 

The classes will begin ONLINE Wednesday, January 6th at 7 PM. Whole series is 11 weeks

Alpha Topics that will be covered:

Is There More To Life Than This?

Who Is Jesus?

Why Did Jesus Die?

How Can I Have Faith?

Why and How Do I Pray?

Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

How Does God Guide Us?

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

What Does The Holy Spirit Do?

How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?

How Can I Make The Most Of The Rest Of My Life?

How Can I Resist Evil?

Why and How Should I Tell Others?

Does God Heal Today?

What About The Church?

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