Living Hope has a pastor, and he's great (Hi, Bill!), but he doesn't run the church. 

Living Hope is run by its members. We pay a few of them, but most are

Volunteers - Elders, Deacons, and People Using Their God-Given Gifts. 

  • The church will hold a candidating weekend on December 1-3 for the Rev. Jason Pankau, who is being called as Senior Pastor of Living Hope Community Church.


  • Bill Gestal

    Lead Pastor

    Bill teaches us what the Bible says and how to apply it to our lives. Check out his Daily Bible Reading Blog, or read an extended bio here.

  • Lisa Madison

    Associate Pastor of Family Ministry

    Lisa holds it all together. She is a vital part of our Healing Prayer Ministry.

  • Jeff Hutchinson

    Assistant Pastor for Church Planting, New Haven, CT

    Jeff has been approved for church planting by the national Synod and regional Presbytery of the ECO Presbyterian Church, and called by Living Hope to plant our daughter church, House of Mercy,  in New Haven, CT!  Subscribe to the House of Mercy Newsletter/Prayer Update here, and to read an extended bio click here. house-of-mercy

  • Angelo Natalie

    Worship Leader

    Angelo ushers us into the throne room of God and says, "Sing!".

  • Jordan Norfleet

    Youth Director

    Jordan answers all the crazy questions, and spends a lot of time just being there for our students.

  • Beth & Manny Cuellar

    Sextons, aka building & Grounds

    Let's just say that Beth (last name pronounced Qway-are) is on a first-name basis at Home Depot. She and Manny keep our quirky building running.

  • Kevin Dolan


    Kevin is the go-to guy for finances.

  • Linda Ceruzzi

    Administrative Assistant

    Linda is the newest on staff and brings alot of gifts into her admin job.


Elders are prominent in the New Testament as on-going leaders of local churches. Together with our Pastor, Bill Gestal, the Elders listen for God's leading, chart the course, and set the priorities for the church accordingly. The Elders and the Pastor (combined called The Session) meet at least monthly for bible study, prayer, and leadership functions.

  • Patricia Ceraso

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  • Lorain Lovejoy

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  • Todd Klair

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  • Eric Kemmer

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  • David Speath

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  • Carol Fuchella

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Deacons are ordained to lead the Living Hope church community to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. In addition to each Deacons' assigned area of ministry, all Deacons pray over prayer requests from church and community members, help administer Communion, and visit members of the Living Hope Church family who are sick or home-bound. Please contact us at to

let us know how we can come alongside you.

  • Frank Acello

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  • Barbara Bankson

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  • Paul Broadbent

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  • Jennifer Chambers

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  • Jenny Eichinger

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  • Andy Fuchella

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  • Joyce Grosso

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  • Connie Pappas

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  • Happy Pappas

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  • Diane Dutcher

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  • Carmen Gutierrez

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  • Luis Garcia

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